As we have real and deep concern for what is happening to our planet, we feel that we can contribute more to help the situation by minimizing first of all our own footprint.


Our Company has decided to develop a grid-connected solar power system which is installed on Hotel roofs (almost 2000 sq.m).  This is a perfect demonstration of  technology being applied to minimize greenhouse gas pollution, and to bring about a better environment for us all.

Grid-connected solar power systems are the very latest technology, and can be likened to having your own solar power station located on your house roof, that silently generates green electricity for your own use, or any excess can be sold to the electricity supplier, via the grid.


Our effort has started last November and at this point a solar power system of 80 kW power is fully functional.    The system is estimated to produce annually about 112.000 kWh of electricity replacing electrical power that is produced with conventional methods.  The environmental profits of this effort are very significant.   It is calculated that the reduction of air pollutants will be the following:


EMISSION REDUCTION  (tons annually)








Cooking oil that is used at the restaurant can be very harmful to environment if not disposed correctly. For those reasons we have started collecting used cooking oil and dispose it for the production of bio-diesel and for the needs of soap-industries.


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